This is the bolt-on silencer made by silencer structure original with BEET to step up to exhaust efficiency and a style by making tone quality into a comfortable sound, without volume rising.

NEW NASSERT-R Bolt-on silencer ZRX1200R/S
(Titanium Silencer)

Titanium Silencer Type can be order also. Blue Titanium Silencer Type can be order also.

This is NASSERT which consisted of beautiful curves built by the 3-dimensional multi vendor of computer control.
(Titanium pipe+Titanium Silencer)
Special tandem KIT attachment(UP-Type)

NASSERT-3D Up-type is attached aluminum billet tandem kit for exclusive use. This is the produced part as a result of pursuing the style and practicality of a exhaust system.

Year Product Loudness *2 Material Photo Silencer(Diameter/Length) Price Code No.
01-07 NASSERT-3D
JMCA 92dB TI/CA   120φ/518mm ¥208,000 0280-K75-00
TI/TI 1 0280-K75-50
TI/BL   0280-K75-BL
JMCA 92dB TI/CA   120φ/518mm ¥179,000 0284-K75-00
TI/TI   0284-K75-50
TI/BL   0284-K75-BL
ALL New NASSERT-R B/O JMCA 92dB TI   120φ/480mm ¥70,000 0252-K75-50
BL   0252-K75-BL
*Material of Exhaust pipe & Silencer TI...Titanium, CA...Carbon Fiber, BL...Blue Titanium
*2 Sound volume is a reference value at the time of a new article until it gets tired. Volume has changed according to using it. Since silence material is an article of consumption, when volume increases, please use our company repair service (onerous: in part a type of a car exchange of Silencer ASSY).

BEET Original Parts

Hyper Bank(Foldable foot peg)(Silver)
Hyper Bank Color Order

Product Code No. Price Back(mm)/UP(mm) Shift Reversible Tandem Remarks
Hyper Bank(Fixed foot peg)(Silver) 0111-K61-20 ¥54,000 44/25, 56.5/25, 53/37, 65.5/37, 62/49 Able Stock 5 Position
Hyper Bank(Foldable foot peg)(Silver) 0113-K61-20 ¥57,500 Stock 5 Position
Foldable foot peg type is order-received production goods
Tilt Step
0114-K00-00 ¥14,000 STD/20,-10/20      

Black tail

Pulsing Cover(Silver)

A.S.F(Aero Shark Fender)(White gel coat)*
*Net is abolished.

Clutch Slave KIT (Bronze or Silver)

Brembo 65mm pitch 4POT 4PAD Caliper SET

Brembo 2POT Rear caliper SET

Pedal Disk

Handle adjust post KIT (Without brace)

Handle post KIT (With brace (Black))

Top bridge KIT (With brace (Black))

General-purpose steering stopper KIT

General-purpose steering stopper KIT TypeII

Low down link KIT

Radiator guard

Product Code No. Price Remarks
Top bridge KIT (Without brace) 0680-K75-00 ¥77,000  
Top bridge KIT (With brace (Black)) 0680-K75-04 ¥80,000
Top bridge KIT (With brace (Gold)) 0680-K75-10 ¥80,000
Handle post KIT (Without brace) 0605-K48-00 ¥16,000  
Handle post KIT (With brace (Black)) 0605-K48-04 ¥19,000
Handle post KIT (With brace (Gold)) 0605-K48-10 ¥19,000
Handle adjust post KIT (Without brace) 0605-K75-00 ¥32,000  
Handle adjust post KIT (With brace (Black)) 0605-K75-04 ¥35,000
Handle adjust post KIT (With brace (Gold)) 0605-K75-10 ¥35,000
Brembo 2POT Rear caliper (Black) SET 0674-K99-04 ¥52,000

Brake hoses are not attached to these products.
Recommendation: SWAGE LINE made by PLOT
Number: MAR(B)662, SAR(B)662, CAR(B)662, BAR(B)662, STR(B)662

Brembo 2POT Rear caliper (Gold) SET 0674-K99-10 ¥52,000
Brembo 2POT Rear caliper Support 7804-K99-BR ¥32,000
Brembo 65mm pitch 4POT 4PAD Caliper SET 0673-K75-10 ¥72,000

Brake hoses are not attached to these products.

Brembo 65mm pitch Caliper Support SET 7802-K75-BR ¥30,000
Pedal Disk (Gold) * 0670-K75-10 ¥55,000  
Machine protector 0618-K99-00 ¥12,000  
Black tail 0404-K39-00 ¥7,400  
Aero Shark Fender(White)* 0301-K48-05 ¥22,000
*Net is abolished.
Pulsing Cover (Silver) 0401-K10-01 ¥25,000  
Clutch Slave KIT (Bronz) 0416-K37-00 ¥15,000  
Clutch Slave KIT (Silver) 0416-K37-01 ¥15,000  
Fender less Kit*
0612-K48-00 ¥25,000  
Tandem KIT 0640-K48-00 ¥30,000  
Front Cowl Low Down KIT 0613-K48-00 ¥6,000 S = Disable
General-purpose steering stopper KIT 0681-K00-02 ¥5,200
General-purpose steering stopper KIT TypeII 0681-K00-22 ¥5,200  
Low down link KIT 0420-K99-00 ¥27,000
Radiator guard 0621-K75-00 ¥19,000
*Build-to-order manufacturing
*Product ended after inventory.